Strategic Reorientation and Organizational Transformation

Start Date:Nov 28, 2016 End Date:Dec 3, 2016
Last Date for Application:November 15, 2016 Last Date for Early Bird:November 7, 2016
Programme Fee: 140000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:130200 INR

Plus 18% GST

This programme aims to develop capabilities for leading strategic reorientation for rejuvenation of organizations. The cases for discussion will include organizations in distress, loss making organizations, profitable organizations and market leaders. Programme will help develop capabilities for identification of early decline signal and prevention of decline and improving the performance of organizations that are not managed adequately. Participants are expected to appreciate the ways to create value for themselves and the shareholders in managing organizations in different context. To achieve this, the course will focus upon the following:

[A] Action choice: Participants are expected to make their action choices in different organizational performance situations. This programme involves intense analysis and data based decision-making.

[B] Identification of key decision choices for strategic reorientation in the following functional domains:
     • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
     • Marketing Management
     • Financial Management
     • Management Information System
     • Human Resource Management

[C] Integrated Perspective: The programme aims to develop an integrated perspective of organizational transformation.

[D] Developing ability for
     • Identifying early signals of decline and/ or sub- optimal performance
     • Developing creative solutions
     • Developing and implementing strategy
     • Leading organizational transformation

The programme is ideally designed for senior level managers who are responsible for managing organizations.