Live Online Programmes

We offer executive programmes in an online mode with duration ranging from one to five weeks. Our programmes are designed for the various specialised areas such as General management, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Organisational Behavior, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Production and Quantitative Methods, Information Systems and for sectors such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Systems, Agriculture, Education among others.

At IIMA, we passionately believe that real learning must have a real impact to make high-stake decisions and capitalize on new opportunities. This is true regardless of whether learning occurs on campus or online with the help of cutting edge technology. The online open enrolment programmes are 100% live sessions conducted by the experienced faculty, predominantly using the case method pedagogy. Our live online programmes are designed to meet the participants' learning needs, blending traditional and technology-mediated learning modes for maximum effectiveness. We tend to think of technology as an enabler to help executives.

The online executive education offerings are carefully curated looking at the needs of the current business environment, including some of the long standing programmes from IIMA's portfolio. These programmes in online mode provide an extraordinary opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in a comfortable learning environment from their home or office.


Strategies for Growth (Online)

Programme Dates: Sep 29, 2021 to Oct 30, 2021 Fee:  INR 120,000 More details

Communicating Corporate Reputation (Online)

Programme Dates: Sep 25, 2021 to Oct 17, 2021 Fee:  INR 80,000 More details

Managerial Effectiveness (Online)

Programme Dates: Sep 18, 2021 to Oct 24, 2021 Fee:  INR 112,000 More details

Supply Chain Management (Online)

Programme Dates: Sep 17, 2021 to Oct 10, 2021 Fee:  INR 112,000 More details

Restaurant Design and Management (Online)

Programme Dates: Sep 13, 2021 to Oct 6, 2021 Fee:  INR 96,000 More details

Sustainable Finance (Online)

Programme Dates: Sep 11, 2021 to Sep 26, 2021 Fee:  INR 64,000 More details

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business (Online)

Programme Dates: Sep 8, 2021 to Oct 2, 2021 Fee:  INR 112,000 More details

Financial Analysis of Business (Online)

Programme Dates: Sep 7, 2021 to Sep 26, 2021 Fee:  INR 64,000 More details

Young Entrepreneurs Programme (Online)

Programme Dates: Sep 2, 2021 to Sep 28, 2021 Fee:  INR 220,000 More details

Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring (Online)

Programme Dates: Aug 28, 2021 to Sep 23, 2021 Fee:  INR 112,000 More details

Project Management (Online)

Programme Dates: Aug 27, 2021 to Sep 12, 2021 Fee:  INR 112,000 More details

Managing Internal Talent and Leadership Pipeline (Online)

Programme Dates: Aug 20, 2021 to Sep 4, 2021 Fee:  INR 64,000 More details

Managing IT Projects (Online)

Programme Dates: Aug 14, 2021 to Sep 25, 2021 Fee:  INR 112,000 More details

Strategy Implementation (Online)

Programme Dates: Aug 13, 2021 to Aug 28, 2021 Fee:  INR 72,000 More details

Strategies for Winning in International Markets (SWIM) (Online)

Programme Dates: Aug 3, 2021 to Aug 24, 2021 Fee:  INR 104,000 More details

Warehouse Design and Management (Online)

Programme Dates: Jul 26, 2021 to Aug 16, 2021 Fee:  INR 96,000 More details

Management and Finance for Experienced Chartered Accountants (Online)

Programme Dates: Jul 10, 2021 to Oct 20, 2021 Fee:  INR 330,000 More details

Managing Strategic Alliances (Online)

Programme Dates: Jun 7, 2021 to Jun 18, 2021 Fee:  INR 88,000 More details