Neuroscience in Marketing

Start Date: Dec 8, 2021 End Date: Dec 10, 2021
Last Date for Application: November 24, 2021 Last Date for Early Bird: November 17, 2021
Programme Fee: 110000 INR

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Early Bird Fee: 102300 INR

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Recent advances in the fields of neuroscience and neuroeconomics are re-defining and enhancing our understanding of how human beings make decisions in general and how consumers make decisions from a marketing perspective. Laboratory and field based applications are now leading to new insights on consumer behaviour that have a direct impact on how marketers should be developing and implementing their marketing plans. This programme seeks to build on the emerging knowledge in this field with its applications in the area of consumer behaviour, pricing, packaging and marketing communications.

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*Programme dates, fee and mode of offering are subject to change.

  • To develop the participant's basic knowledge of how the human brain operates – what are some basic brain operating principles?
  • To understand using the brain operating principles how we take decisions based around the themes of “thinking and feeling,” prediction, confidence, risk, fear, surprise, regret and happiness; how the brain receives stimuli, processes them and the responses that it generates.
  • To apply these insights in the areas of pricing, marketing communications, packaging, product design, etc. with the objective of producing behavior change in the target audience.

The programme would incorporate:

  • Basic principles of brain organisation including functional neuro - anatomy.
  • Understand and evaluate key neuromarketing tools such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and electroencephalography (EEG), eye tracking, RFI, etc.
  • Capabilities and limitations of these methods with examples of their application.
  • Important consumer neuroscience research in marketing, pricing, branding and product design to highlight areas of future potential.
  • Applications of neuroscience in different marketing areas.

This course is aimed at anyone involved in the promotion of products, services or brands and anyone who has ever wondered how neuroscience can be used to help understand consumer behavior and wants to achieve behavior change. In terms of area, marketing generally defined, pricing, sales, branding and product design are key functions that can have substantial benefits from the programme.

  • Account Managers; Creative Leads in Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Managers in Consumer Products
  • Brand Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Market Research Professionals
  • Brand and Business Consultants
  • Professionals with PR firms
  • CXOs with Marketing related responsibilities

Faculty Chair

Arvind Sahay

Programme Faculty