Coordinating Marketplaces and Platform Businesses

Start Date: Jan 16, 2020 End Date: Jan 18, 2020
Last Date for Application: January 2, 2020 Last Date for Early Bird: December 26, 2019
Programme Fee: 80000 INR

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Early Bird Fee: 74400 INR

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Coordination is an important function in both Hierarchies and Markets. The coordination function assumes greater importance as e-commerce firms move from an inventory-model to a marketplace model. Additionally, increasing smartphone penetration has led to proliferation of platform operators experimenting with On-Demand services like ride-hailing and home services, which require coordination between large crowds of customers and service providers. The need for coordination increases even more sharply in Sharing Economy with peer-to-peer interactions for collaborative sourcing, collaborative production and collaborative consumption. A common construct in all these diverse platforms and markets is the need to coordinate a large number of individuals with varying needs, capabilities and motivations. Instead of a “Command and Control” orientation in Hierarchies, managers need to adopt a “Coordinate and Cultivate” (Malone, T.W., "The Future of Work", Harvard Business School Press, Boston, 2004.) orientation in dealing with the Crowd. The role of the coordinator potentially allows access to sensitive information about individual members of the Crowd and hence there are needs for designing safeguards and self-regulation for sustainability of the business model. The MDP “Coordinating Marketplaces and Platform Businesses” aims to build an understanding of the different strategic choices inherent in coordinating the diverse business models.

• Examine the strategic choices inherent in design of business models in matchmaking.
• Examine how firms differentiate in the marketplace on competitive dimensions of time, cost, quality, convenience etc.
• Build efficiency and effectiveness in operations while dealing with large number of service providers.
• Coordinate effectively with different stakeholders and ensure governance and regulation of the marketplace.

• Coordinating in Physical and Electronic Marketplaces
• Competing on Cost and Time responsiveness
• Managing Growth and Scaling the Company
• Handling Competition, M&A and Exit
• Coordination Challenges in Sharing Economy
• Preventing Disintermediation
• Quality in Matchmaking
• Designing Feedback and Review System
• Self-regulation and Governance

The programme is intended for entrepreneurs and senior/middle managers of all firms which are operating marketplaces or multi-sided platforms. This includes ecommerce firms as well as firms offering ondemand services like ride-hailing, hyperlocal services, food–delivery services and firms in the sharing economy.

The teaching methodology for this programme will be case discussions.

Faculty Chair

Saral Mukherjee

Programme Faculty