Leadership and Change Management

Start Date:Aug 19, 2019 End Date:Aug 23, 2019
Last Date for Application:August 5, 2019 Last Date for Early Bird:July 29, 2019
Programme Fee: 120000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:111600 INR

Plus 18% GST

These are exciting times for the world. There are immense cultural, social, political, and organisational transformations which create challenges as well as opportunities for people, organisations, and society. Leadership in organisations in the current context requires an overall understanding of the fast-paced changes of both the external and internal environments to be able to respond effectively. Leadership is essential for any system to begin to respond adequately to the present and be ready for the future.

Today's leaders need to depart from earlier modes of providing directions. They require tools for understanding self and understanding others and the knowledge and understanding of strategy. They also require skills in diagnosis and analysis. This programme will provide an ideal platform for leaders to explore these issues to be able to make strategic choices anchored in the vision of the organisation and for understanding of self and others.

The programme aims to

  • explore leadership roles required in the changing context.

  • realign and recalibrate self with new knowledge, concepts, and tools.

The programme will provide a platform for key roleholders to reflect upon the new directions, actions, choices, and strategies for implementation.

  • The Task of Leadership

  • Multiple Perspectives and Leadership

  • Leadership in Complex Situations

  • Leadership Styles

  • Managing Talent

  • Organisational Structure and Culture

  • Managing Change

  • Managing Innovation

  • Taking Charge and Leading Strategy

  • Leaders and their Emotional Maturity

The programme is aimed at senior leaders of organisations and top level administrators.

The programme will use a mix of pedagogical tools:

  • Case studies

  • Presentations and lecture discussions

  • Participants' presentations

  • Role plays

Faculty Chair

Neharika Vohra

Programme Faculty