Enhancing Leadership Capacities and Potential Among Professional Women

Start Date:Oct 30, 2017 End Date:Nov 2, 2017
Last Date for Application:October 16, 2017 Last Date for Early Bird:October 9, 2017
Programme Fee: 100000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:93000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Professional women in all domains will find an opportunity in this programme to reflect on their leadership potential and internalised constraints that stop them from taking leadership positions or restrict them from performing to their full potential. Participants can learn leadership skills, find ways to balance between personal and professional lives, and commit to future actions for a richer, more fulfilling, and meaningful professional and personal life. This is a very safe opportunity for a woman to set aside her everyday concerns and take on a learning journey along with other women from diverse backgrounds.

  • Enhancing leadership capacities and potential
  • Learning leadership skills and concepts
  • Identifying gender entrapments that constrain one’s potential
  • Reconnecting to one’s inner potential and wisdom
  • Managing and leading at the same time
  • Recognising the leadership capacity within self
  • Practising leadership skills
  • Power and leadership
  • Gender and self
  • Roles and role stress
  • Unearthing talents/identifying patterns

Experiential learning methodology will form the core of this programme which will include dyadic and small group work, self-rating instruments, etc.

Women from all professions — those in leadership positions in government, corporate sector, institutions, and self-employed — who want to enhance their leadership capacities and potential to manage complex professional lives and seek to integrate personal and professional lives will find this programme relevant. The programme will be meaningful for women searching for new energy and directions in their personal and professional lives.

Faculty Chair

Neharika Vohra

Programme Faculty

Deepti Bhatnagar

Neharika Vohra