Strategies for Winning in International Markets

Start Date: Aug 8, 2019 End Date: Aug 10, 2019
Last Date for Application: July 25, 2019 Last Date for Early Bird: July 18, 2019
Programme Fee: 100000 INR

Plus, GST

Early Bird Fee: 93000 INR

Plus, GST

As the world is becoming more inter-connected and emerging economies are cornering a larger share of the global economic activity, firms from emerging economies are increasingly venturing abroad in the quest for growth and profits. To be successful in such ventures, managers need to develop an understanding of the unique challenges facing them in designing their global strategies such as, which countries to enter, which entry mode would be most suitable and how would the organization manage the control and coordination challenges of its foreign operations. Strategies for Winning in International Markets (SWIM) will provide a fine grained understanding of these challenges, and use cutting edge research to provide analytical and theoretical frameworks to make decisions about these challenges.

The main objective of this programme is to help decision makers/managers learn how to SWIM (Strategize for Winning in International Markets).

Firms’ managers encounter various opportunities to expand in foreign markets but they struggle to evaluate which opportunity to capture and how. This programme provides a deep dive into the strategic decisions that aspiring multinationals face in their expansion in foreign markets. It focuses on firm level decisions that need to be made for an effective global expansion strategy including choice of country, sequence and speed of entry, mode of entry, strategic configuration and knowledge management challenges. These challenges/decisions form the natural next step after understanding the overall context of cultural, political and institutional diversity in which these firms operate. Ultimately, firms will make decisions about their internal configurations and strategies after understanding the external context; we provide a deep understanding of these internal issues that managers need to focus on/ be cognizant of while planning their growth abroad.

The programme will cover following topics:

  • Opportunities and Challenges in international or foreign markets
  • What your firm’s competitive advantage is and how you should leverage it
  • What goes into deciding the choice of country for expansion
  • Choice of global strategy
  • Mode of entry: Alliances and Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Knowledge management: Managing knowledge transfer from corporate headquarters to subsidiaries and vice versa.

The programme would be most useful for senior management (Presidents, CEOs, Vice Presidents, and Directors) in organizations who are charged with decision making responsibilities for growth in foreign countries. Further, the programme is also useful for managers of organizations (irrespective of size) that plan to expand abroad or has already expanded abroad and wants to learn more about possible growth strategies.

The case method of study will be the primary educational method. The focus will be on case studies of various organizations that are operating in emerging markets. In addition, a mix of lecture-discussions and in-class exercises will be employed. Participants will engage as protagonists of situations, reflect on daily learnings, and arrive at personal insights that will help them be more effective as leaders in MNCs.

Faculty Chair

Chitra Singla

Programme Faculty

Amit Karna