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Design Thinking Programme

Medico Legal Issues in Health Management

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Hospital Management

Authority, Organisation, Strategies, and Politics of Relatedness

Pricing for Profit

Anchal Jain, Co-Chair, CCBP in conversation with one of our faculty members, Shilpa Sharma

Marc Tormo, Class of 2017, Founder, Marc’s Coffees

Warehouse Design and Management

Leadership and Change Management

Neuroscience in Marketing

Participants of Innovation

Short Film

Absolutely Positively

Back to Basics

Obvious to Oblivious

Good Bet to Have Met

Taste the Feeling

Life within the Red Bricks

Tailored Cut

Ignited Minds

So much to SEE, So much to DO

Guru Speak

Light beyond the tunnel

Walk the Talk

Fulfilling the Demand