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Online Payments (PGPX-Fees)

IIMA accepts online payments for various purposes through Credit card/Net Banking.
Please select the relevant payment purpose from the list given below.

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First Commitment Fee (INR 2,00,000)
Second Commitment Fee (INR 10,00,000)
Balance Programme Fee - Lump Sum Mode (INR 16,00,000)
Balance Programme Fee - Installments Mode - 1st Installment (INR 10,40,000)
Balance Programme Fee - Installments Mode - 2nd Installment (INR 10,66,000)
Balance Programme Fee - Installments Mode - 3rd Installment (INR 5,33,000)
Caution Money - Married Housing (INR 70,000)
Caution Money - Single Accommodation (INR 35,000)
Please Type Any Other Amount Here

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Important Notice:

  • All payments will be accepted in Indian Rupees (INR)
  • Additional transaction charges will be applicable as per BillDesk Payment Gateway Policy
  • Please ensure that you are not exceeding your online transaction limit set by your bank or credit/debit card issuing agency

1. Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above or Firefox 3 and above.
2. Please don't use back or refresh buttons of your browser during the payment process.
3. Control will revert back to IIMA site after successful payment. 
4. Note down your transaction number for future reference and check your email. 
5.  Click Here to Track Your Payments