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Press Releases ARCHIVE :
Title Release Date Event Date  
IIMA Final Placements 2010 13-Mar-2010 Download
CAT 2009 Updates (Results) 10-Mar-2010 10-Mar-2010 Download
CAT 2009 Updates 28-Feb-2010 28-Feb-2010 Download
Electives course Contemporary Film Industry (CFI) 11-Feb-2010 15-Feb-2010 Download
IIMA PGPX Class of 2010 to hold Connexion on February 9, 2010 08-Feb-2010 09-Feb-2010 Download
IIMAs PGPX and PGP students offered Elective course on "Learning What is Not Taught" 19-Jan-2010 23-Jan-2010 Download
3rd IIMA Doctoral Colloquium (January 8-9, 2010) 05-Jan-2010 08-Jan-2010 Download
Update on ongoing Computerized CAT 2009 30-Nov-2009 30-Nov-2009 Download
IIMA Confluence 2009 Inauguration on November 27, 2009 (9.30 a.m.) 26-Nov-2009 27-Nov-2009 Download
Gender Inclusivity Proposing New Paradigms International Case Writing Competition 11-Nov-2009 14-Nov-2009 Download