Academic Profile:
I am currently pursuing Ph.D. in the Food & Agribusiness Area at IIM Ahmedabad.
I am a post graduate in Rural Management from IRMA and have done a Bachelor's in Agricultural Sciences from Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad.

Professional Experience:
I have a work experience of over eight years spanning across microfinance and banking space. I have worked with Organizations like OPest Control India Pvt Ltd, BASIX, ICICI Bank and AXIS Bank. Across these organizations, I have handled sales, product development and policy making at corporate level for new and existing bank offerings, primarily in the asset space. 

Areas of research interest:
Areas of ineterst include, though not limited to food consumption, food marketing, consumer behaviour relating to food choices, healthy eating behaviour, food waste, nutrition knowledge and related outcomes, food advertising. Primary subjects of interest are children and adolescents. 


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