A third year Ph.D. student of Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Ongoing research themes include consumer behaviour at the bottom/base of the pyramid, consumer wellbeing, and psycho-social antecedents to consumer decision making. 

Fields of interest:
-Consumer Behaviour and Psychology- self, identity, personality
-Consumer welfare and buying behaviour at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Research Collaborations:

- Participating member: Maharjan Seminar, Hiroshima University (ongoing)
- Research
 Assisitant to Professor Shawn Cole, Harvard Business School for a project in Gujarat, India (ongoing)
- Research Consulting Internship - ATOS, France: Selected for a 4 member exchange panel for Atos Research Programme and the Ecole Polytechnique-HEC-IIM Ahmedabad program on “Multicultural Management and Technology Transfer” (2019)

Teaching Experience:
Academic Associate- PGP-X
 course titled Innovation, Live! offered at IIM Ahmedabad

Academic Profile:
 in International Business - Delhi School of Economics
Bachelors (H) in Physics - Hindu College, University of Delhi