Prior to joining the FPM programme in the area of Innovation and Management in Education (IME) in 2015, I engaged with various domains within the education sector and have five years of work experience. I am an engineer from BITS Pilani (2010) and hold a Master's in Education from TISS Mumbai (2014). My current work involves exploring the peer mentoring relationships within the context of the Delhi Mentor Teacher Programme. Broadly, I am interested in understanding the impact of contemporary policy imperatives on the teacher education space in India. I am also interested in exploring and understanding the policy implications of trans-national global networks in education, within the context of educational reform in the last decade in India. I have presented papers in international conferences and have authored a paper on multilingualism and the role of schools and teachers.

The title of my thesis is: 'Peer mentoring and the development of instructional expertise'
The study would try to understand how mentor teachers and their mentees make decisions about how to craft their relationship, how individual expectations shape their work, and how they discuss instructional work. The study would result in an understanding of how teachers make sense of their in-service mentoring experiences, and utilize and transform those experiences to develop instructional personas.

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