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A Multi-perspective integrated framework to study operations of power in organizations during technology-based change


Kandathil, George

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Attempts to develop an integrated framework to examine operations of power have always been challenging yet necessary, particularly in the context of technology-based organizational change. This paper begins with a highlight of the theoretical mismatch in an integrated theoretical framework that is widely used for examining operations of power during organizational change. Subsequently, drawing upon the recent works in political sociology on critical self-reflection, I propose to rectify the theoretical mismatch, resulting in a modified integrated framework. Further, using studies in social influence theories, I support the use of critical self-reflection as the integrating logic, which connects the framework to the semiotic exercise of power, making the integration more holistic. I illustrate the potential of this integrated framework to explain operations of power using a longitudinal case study of an implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning software package and the associated organizational change.