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Working Papers

Between Aastha and Zee: Mystery of the Missing Market for a Weather Channel
Deodhar, Satish Y.; Deka, Chayasmita
Right of recourse claims based on latent defects in the nuclear energy sector in India: brace yourself for fact-intensive disputes
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Kini, Els Reynaers
2019,WP 2019-05-01
Buy, Sell or Hold: Entity-Aware Classification of Business News
Sinha, Ankur; Kedas, Satishwar; Kumar, Rishu; Malo, Pekka
2019,WP 2019-04-02
Does IT work? Information Technology (IT) in Welfare in India
Khera, Reetika; Patibandla, Vineeth
2019,WP 2019-04-01
Financing Infrastructure in India – Issues and the Way Forward
Morris, Sebastian
2019,WP 2019-03-02
Does GST in India Hurt Producing Regions? A New Estimate of the Tax Base Under GST of Select States
Morris, Sebastian; Pandey, Ajay; Agarwalla, Sobhesh Kumar; Agarwalla, Astha
2019,WP 2019-03-01
Whose Empowerment? National Digital Infrastructure and India’s Healthcare sector
Chandwani, Rajesh; Edacherian, Saneesh; Sud, Mukesh
2019,WP 2019-02-01
Overestimation in the Growth Rates of National Income in Recent Years? – An Analyses Based on Extending GDP04-05 through Other Indicators of Output
Morris, Sebastian; Kumari, Tejshwi
2019,WP 2019-01-01
Lighting up Lives through Cooking Gas and transforming society
Barua, S. K.; Agarwalla, Sobhesh Kumar
2018,WP 2018-12-05
Too much care? Private health care sector and surgical interventions during childbirth in India
Surana, Mitul; Dongre, Ambrish
2018,WP 2018-11-01