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Title Charging infrastructure optimization for electric buses using mixed integer linear programming
Authors Kumar Sunil; Jayaswal, Sachin; Garg, Amit
Type Working Paper
Publication Date 11-Dec-2018
Year 2018
Abstract Optimization of charging infrastructure for electric buses is critical for the transition from conventional buses to electric buses since chargers, especially for chargers since they constitute almost two-thirds of the total charging infrastructure costs. Different modeling frameworks to optimize the charging capacity are developed separately for the depot charging and opportunity charging and tested for the transit network of Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (India). The models determine the optimal number and capacity of chargers such that the existing bus operational schedules are maintained – a prime requirement of bus operators. Since the route coverage per bus per day would require en-route charging, the opportunity charging model determines the optimal locations for installing these chargers. A sensitivity analysis is also conducted to analyze the effects of the specific energy consumption of the buses and their rated battery capacity on charger selection. These models are first of their kind to be used for electric bus adoption in India. Keywords: Electric bus, charging infrastructure, charging schedule, cost optimization modeling, public transit networks

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