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Title A comparative study of financial cost and co-benefits of electric bus vis a vis conventional diesel bus-A case study of Navi Mumbai buses
Authors Kumar Sunil; Garg, Amit; Tripathi, Girish Chandra
Type Working Paper
Publication Date 11-Dec-2018
Year 2018
Abstract Local air pollution is a major concern in almost all Indian cities. High vehicular tailpipe emission is one of the primary reasons behind it. Fast adoption of electric vehicles may provide relief for air quality in these rapidly urbanizing Indian cities. The adoption rate of electric vehicles, however, depends on many factors, Total cost of Ownership (TCO) of vehicles, charging infrastructure, and range dilemma being the most prominent. This paper analyzes one of these factors and calculates the TCOs of existing IC engine public buses and compare it with the same capacity electric buses. The study also calculates co-benefits of electric bus separately to analyze the impact of diesel buses on society and environment and compares this with those of Electric buses. A Sensitivity analysis for TCO is performed to identify the factors which have the highest impact on the TCO of an electric bus. Scenario analysis is also done to verify our assumptions in various scenarios. The result of the study shows that TCO of an electric bus is lesser than a comparable diesel bus in present Indian scenario for the city of Navi Mumbai but at the same time, sensitivity analysis shows that it is mainly due to the various incentives offered by Central and State governments. Sensitivity analysis also identifies the most influential input variables for the TCO of an electric bus as Initial Bus Price, Government Incentive and Electricity Cost. Scenario analysis results show that if we remove Government incentives on the initial cost of the vehicle, the picture reverses.

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