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Research And Publication

WP 2017-11-01
Exploring Linkages between Innovation and public policy- challenges and Opportunities
Basant, Rakesh
WP 2017-10-01
Mathematical Modelling for Time-of-Use Pricing of Electricity in Monopoly and Oligopoly
Kaicker, Nidhi; Dutta, Goutam; Das, Debamanyu; Banerjee, Subhashree
WP 2017-09-02
Vertical Integration, Market Structure and Competition Policy: Experiences of Indian Manufacturing Sector during the Post Reform Period
Basant, Rakesh; Mishra, Pulak
WP 2017-09-01
Globalization and Inequality- A Pathway Through Education (Revised as on 02.04.18)
Kishan P K V
WP 2017-08-02
New Approaches to Prediction using Functional Data Analysis
Laha, A. K.; Rathi, Poonam
WP 2017-08-03
Are the temperature of Indian cities Increasing?: Some Insights Using Change Point Analysis with Functional Data
Laha, A. K.; Rathi, Poonam
WP 2017-08-01
Managing the Power Grid Ramping challenges critical to success of India’s Renewable Energy Targets
Annaluru, Rajeev; Garg, Amit
WP 2017-07-01
Assessment of Density Forecast for Energy Commodities in Post-Financialization Era
Bisht Deepak; Laha, A. K.
WP 2017-07-02
Pricing Option on Commodity Futures under String Shock
Bisht Deepak; Laha, A. K.
WP 2017-06-01
The Horror of Urban Development in India – Identifying The Real Issues
Morris, Sebastian