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Title Public perception of courts in India: unmeasured gap between the justice system and its beneficiaries
Authors Ram Mohan, M.P.; Faisal, Muhammed K; Alex, Jacob P; Shiju, M V
Type Working Paper
Publication Date 23-Nov-2020
Year 2020
Abstract Understanding how people view the courts and the legal profession helps in identifying some areas of friction, and thereby provides critical insights into the measures needed to improve the working and management of the justice delivery process. This study examines the influence of gender, age, education and court experience on citizens’ perception of the Ernakulam District and Sessions Court, Kerala – a state with the highest social indicators in India. Using a total sample of two hundred and fifty (n=250) respondents, the study assessed perception of the court using three attitudinal scales, perception of the court’s concern and respect, fair procedure and outcome, and overall perception of the court. A multivariate regression analysis was used to gauge the significance of the influence of each demographic factor and court experience on the respondents’ perception of the court. We find respondents with personal experience in courts perceive it negatively; gender has no significant influence on attitudes toward the court; and regardless of their demographic characteristics and court experience, people perceive the court as being too costly and too slow for settling legal disputes.

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