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Research And Publication

WP 2019-02-01
Whose Empowerment? National Digital Infrastructure and India’s Healthcare sector
Chandwani, Rajesh; Edacherian, Saneesh; Sud, Mukesh
WP 2019-01-01
Overestimation in the Growth Rates of National Income in Recent Years? – An Analyses Based on Extending GDP04-05 through Other Indicators of Output
Morris, Sebastian; Kumari, Tejshwi
WP 2018-12-05
Lighting up Lives through Cooking Gas and transforming society
Barua, S. K.; Agarwalla, Sobhesh Kumar
WP 2018-12-01
Optimal allocation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure using GIS methodology
Kumar Sunil; Parihar, Shrutika; Garg, Amit
WP 2018-12-02
A comparative study of financial cost and co-benefits of electric bus vis a vis conventional diesel bus-A case study of Navi Mumbai buses
Kumar Sunil; Garg, Amit; Tripathi, Girish Chandra
WP 2018-12-03
Charging infrastructure optimization for electric buses using mixed integer linear programming
Kumar Sunil; Jayaswal, Sachin; Garg, Amit
WP 2018-11-01
Too much care? Private health care sector and surgical interventions during childbirth in India
Surana, Mitul; Dongre, Ambrish
WP 2018-10-03
Risk-sensitive Basel Regulations and Firms' Access to Credit: Direct and Indirect Effects
Gopalakrishnan, Balagopal; Jacob, Joshy; Mohapatra, Sanket
WP 2018-10-01
Impact of Price Path on Disposition Bias
Bansal, Avijit; Jacob, Joshy
WP 2018-10-02
Study of Retail Electricity Consumers’ Response and Perception Regarding Electricity Consumption
Mitra, Krishnendranath; Dutta, Goutam