Marketing Luxury: Understanding the Complexities of a New World of Business

Start Date: Aug 29, 2022 End Date: Sep 2, 2022
Last Date for Application: August 20, 2022 Last Date for Early Bird: August 8, 2022
Programme Fee: 126000 INR

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Early Bird Fee: 117180 INR

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Why Luxury?

Why Luxury? According to a 2021 report by Bain & Company, the global luxury industry is worth a staggering USD 1.2 trillion annually. Of this, the personal luxury market is worth about USD 250 billion, and the market is quickly returning to pre-pandemic levels. Indeed, shares of many luxury firms have hit all time highs during the pandemic, with LVMH alone boasting a market capitalization in excess of USD 300 billion, reflecting investors' faith in the future of this industry. A significant portion of the growth in the luxury industry now comes from emerging economies, particularly from Asia. In India, the luxury market is estimated at around USD 30 billion (Assocham 2018). The luxury industry is generally considered to be recession proof, and as the world gets wealthier, a greater share of this wealth is dedicated to the pursuit of luxury. This makes the luxury industry ever more relevant.


Why this Programme?

Why this Programme? This programme takes an in-depth look at the luxury industry from a marketing perspective. The luxury industry is often poorly understood, largely because the concept of luxury itself has different meanings for different groups and contexts. In addition, many of the rules that apply to traditional marketing do not apply to the marketing of luxury offerings. We begin by providing you with a strong conceptual understanding of luxury. We then take you through the various stages of luxury marketing from an industry overview to brand building, pricing strategies, and to the licensing and distribution of luxury brands. We also highlight emerging challenges and business opportunities in luxury markets such as sustainability and the sharing economy. We cover multiple topics which will help managers to make better decisions related to luxury marketing.


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What will you learn?

We intend to train new and existing luxury marketers to become better decision makers by exposing them to various luxury brands, concepts, business models and strategies, and the challenges facing each of these facets from a marketing context. After the completion of the programme, you will be able to answer the following questions:


1. What will the luxury industry look like in the future?

2. How does luxury marketing differ from the marketing of non-luxury offerings?

3. What are the different business models for managing luxury brands?

4. Which tactical levers would you need to pull to achieve your strategic objectives?

5. How can you efficiently manage your luxury brand’s growth?

  • Understanding Luxury
  • Luxury Branding and Communication
  • Pricing and Distributing Luxury
  • Luxury Business Models, Risks, and Social Responsibilities
  • Luxury Management

We draw on a mix of research findings, cases, and hands on exercises to deliver the course. We also have two sessions delivered by a guest lecturer who will share his extensive experience in Indian luxury retailing.


The course is targeted at managers and entrepreneurs who are either operating in the luxury and premium sectors or who wish to enter the luxury sector in future. You do not need any existing experience in the luxury industry.

Faculty Chair

Sourav Borah

Naveen Amblee

Programme Faculty