Financial Analysis of Business

Start Date: Feb 17, 2022 End Date: Feb 19, 2022
Last Date for Application: February 3, 2022 Last Date for Early Bird: January 27, 2022
Programme Fee: 80000 INR

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This programme is meant to impart essential business analysis knowledge. It focuses on strategic, financial and cost analysis of a business. To start with, the programme will cover the basics of three financial statements, viz. balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. This will be followed by macro-economic analysis, strategic cost analysis and performance assessment. The programme will also acquaint participants with the tools and techniques used in business analysis. First, this will involve looking at the business through a strategic angle. Ratio analysis, an important tool for financial statement analysis will be taken next. Annual report of a public company will also be discussed. Comparative analysis with peers of the company will follow. Finally, participants will get insights into how earnings manipulation can adversely impact the analysis of financial statements and how good corporate governance can overcome this hurdle.


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*Programme dates, fee and mode of offering are subject to change.

The core objective of this programme is to train participants in analyzing a business from different perspectives viz. strategic, financial and cost.

• Understanding the fundamentals
     - Conceptual understanding of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement
• Strategic cost analysis
     - Cost estimation for managerial decisions
     - Relevant cost for managerial decisions and transfer pricing
     - Responsibility accounting, performance appraisal and assessment

• Macro-economic analysis
• Techniques of business analysis

     - Strategic business analysis
     - EIC framework
     - Ratio analysis
     - Understanding the annual report
     - Comparative and common-size analysis
• Implications of earnings manipulation on financial statement analysis
     - Earnings manipulation and fraud
     - Corporate governance mechanisms

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of financial analysis of a business for leading it in a profitable manner.    
  • Understand basics of three financial statements, viz. balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement and learn the tools and techniques used in business analysis.
  • Gain strategic insights into making financial forecasts and better business decisions.  

The primary audience for this programme would be middle and senior managers in non-finance functions whose jobs involve dealing with the accounting and financial information.

Faculty Chair

Neerav Nagar

Programme Faculty