Leading Professional Service Firms

Start Date: Nov 25, 2021 End Date: Nov 27, 2021
Last Date for Application: November 19, 2021 Last Date for Early Bird: November 12, 2021
Programme Fee: 100000 INR

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Early Bird Fee: 100000 INR

Plus, GST

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This course is intended for senior executives working in professional service firms (PSFs) and in the business of providing advisory services such as management consulting, investment banking, legal, real estate, accounting, financial services, advertising, IT consulting, engineering consulting, HR consulting, R&D, education, architecture, etc. PSFs are unique as their key assets are knowledgeable people who create value for clients. Managing these organisations is a challenge because of the sheer diversity of people and clients. Leaders have to strategise to attract the best talent, create a professional ecosystem and deliver extraordinary client service. India’s service market offers tremendous growth opportunities to PSFs. This course is designed to help individuals with administrative positions in PSFs reflect on and improve their capability to lead their organisations effectively. Through intense case discussions on PSFs, interactive lectures and exercises, participants will deliberate on what it takes to be an effective leader of a PSF and how they can improve their competencies.

•    Peer learning opportunity because of diverse set of participants from various professions 
•    Faculty with interest in PSFs backed by deep research and teaching expertise 
•    Strong contextualisation of cases and readings

Day 1: 

•  Strategic planning process for long-term success of PSFs
•  Change management for creating a high-performance culture
•  Hiring and retaining highly competent employees for knowledge-intensive organisations

Day 2

•  Proactive client relationships for repeat business
•  Relevance of professional eco-systems for sustainable growth
•  Develop strong emotional intelligence for leading self and others

Day 3

•  Digitisation, disruptive innovation, and entrepreneurship for growth
•  Identifying and nurturing the next generation of partners. Balancing professional work against leadership responsibilities 
•  Align organisational vision and strategy with implementation for impact 

The course is intended for individuals who have administrative responsibilities in their PSFs. Thus, it is most valuable for chairpersons, managing partners, members of executive committees, chief operating officers and executive directors, practice and office heads, and professionals in financial advisory and services. Individuals who have been identified to take these responsibilities but have not yet assumed them may also find the course useful.

The case study will be the primary educational method. We will focus on the case studies of professional service firms. Additionally, we will employ a mix of lecture-discussions, exercises and simulations. Participants will be encouraged to engage with the sessions as protagonists of situations and through reflection and deliberation arrive inductively at personal insights that will help them be more effective as PSF leaders.

Faculty Chair

Sunil Sharma

Programme Faculty