Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Online)

Start Date: Feb 6, 2021 End Date: Jan 15, 2022
Last Date for Application: January 22, 2021
Programme Fee: 500000 INR

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This programme is meant for practitioners who have at least two years’ experience in operations. The programme is aimed at providing the participants with a deep understanding of the supply chain and logistics management principles from a strategy, planning and operations perspective. The sessions would be specifically designed to prepare participants for advancement in supply chain management careers including procurement, supplier management, inventory management, and coordination, logistics (transport and warehousing).

  • To develop an understanding of linking supply chain management with the enterprise strategy
  • To develop coordinated supply chain strategies and improve value
  • To design and optimize a supply chain network 
  • To learn analytical tools and techniques (using software) related to supply chain performance optimization
  • To appreciate the need for latest advancements in supply chain such as IoT, Blockchain etc.


The programme is divided into several interdependent modules, each of which focuses on a different aspect of Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Towards the end of the programme, there will be an intensive, integrated action learning project which will help participants consolidate their learning from various modules of the programme.

Professionals with some background in Operations or some exposure to Quantitative.

  • Case discussions
  • Case presentations
  • Computer simulations
  • Hands-on modelling exercises
  • Lectures


Faculty Chair

Debjit Roy

Chetan Soman

Programme Faculty