Creative & Cultural Businesses Programme

Start Date: Feb 8, 2021 End Date: Oct 9, 2021
Last Date for Application: December 25, 2020 Last Date for Early Bird: January 18, 2021
Programme Fee: 500000 INR

Plus, GST

Early Bird Fee: 465000 INR

Plus, GST

A six-month specialized programme for the entrepreneurs in creative and cultural industries.

The Creative and Cultural domain has long been neglected in India. However, with the coming of age of a new generation of entrepreneurs with evolved aesthetics and creative training, this is rapidly changing. Even in more established businesses, the young management is eager to look at things afresh.

Many visionary initiatives have been launched in recent years and there is a need for academically rooted training in management and entrepreneurship to understand the deep nuances of this industry in order to build meaningful ventures at a global scale.

To satisfy this need, IIMA has been offering a unique workshop series called, ‘Crafting Luxury and Lifestyle Businesses’ (CLLB). This has now become a benchmark in entrepreneurial thinking and learning in Creative and Cultural Industries. In order to better define the outcomes and more accurately reflect its objectives, CLLB will now be replaced by Creative & Cultural Businesses Programme. The programme will retain the essence of the CLLB structure and content but, keeping the new objectives in mind, it will be made more robust in training of entrepreneurial mindset and venture planning.

CCB Programme will focus on domain knowledge and management frameworks as well as financial and commercial aspects of the business. The end of the programme will be marked by a launch pad event where the final business plans and products will be presented to the industry and investment veterans.

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The programme aims at providing to the students, a specialized understanding of the nuances of the industry and an appreciation for the fresh approach to strategic thinking that is warranted by the sector

• Encourage, prepare and train students in the domain knowledge
• Adapt modern aesthetics, management skills, production methods to grass root levels in order to catalyze rural artisanal transformation and enhance     more equitable value distribution across the value chain.
• Create relevance and market value for creative and cultural products
• Drive brand-led business investments in the sector
• Foster  ‘The Golden Thread’ alignment of brand values to business processes and value chain management
• Accelerate building and scaling of creative ventures.

If you have an experienced eye and a flair for lifestyle businesses, a desire and motivation to go global, and belief in Indian heritage, this learning experience will help you fortify yourself with management skills and a frame of mind to take on the challenges of scalability in creative and cultural industries.

This programme’s foundation is cemented by four pillars:

  • The true meaning of luxury

  • Conscious and inclusive businesses

  • Unique Indianness with global relevance

  • Value of Indian artisanal arts and crafts heritage

Delivery Methods:

  • Case Discussions – CCB Programme uses the case study method engaging each participant to think outside the box. Challenging students to immerse themselves in real world business situations and think like leaders 

  • Industry Mentors – CCB Programme hand picks the most relevant thought leaders from the creative and cultural industry for one-on-one mentoring with each student. Every participant is paired with a mentor to guide them through their 6 month journey 

  • Action Learning – Through the course of the programme, students are able to leverage classroom learnings to build on their business projects and use the available resources to deliver a powerful business plan for India and global markets

  • Launch Pad -  The last camp of the programme will bring the participants face-to-face with industry jury comprising investors, retailers, influencers and curators. They will have an opportunity to present their business cases to different stakeholders in the industry. 

The programme is best suited for those with experience in creative and cultural businesses as also those who wish to enter these segments.

These could be:

[A] Entrepreneurs with an existing business, now ready to scale or diversify

[B] ‘Want-to-be Entrepreneurs’ with a very well defined idea with legs

The ventures could be in any creative or cultural sector such as:

The ventures could be in any creative or cultural sector such as: • Visual Arts: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Antiques • Publishing and Print Media: Books, Press, other publications • Design: Architecture, Interior, Graphic, Fashion, Jewelry & Watches, Toys, Accessories • Creative Services: Advertising, Branding, Communication Design, Creative R&D, Cultural & Recreational • Hospitality: Travel, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Real Estate New Media: Software, Video Games, Digitized Creative Content • Audiovisuals: Film, Television, Radio, Other Broadcasting • Performing Arts: Live Music, Theatre, Dance, Opera, Circus, Puppetry • Traditional Cultural Expressions: Arts and Crafts, Festivals, Celebrations • Cultural Sites: Archeological Sites, Museums, Libraries, Exhibitions.

The six-month programme will be delivered primarily through 15 days in-class interactions and a continued interaction online over the period.

It will involve (i) three camps at IIMA, (ii) presentations and discussions led by faculty and experts, (iii) project critiques, (iv) mentor engagement (v) webinars, (vi) brainstorm and network with contemporary thought leaders in the design space and (vii) launch pad for a showcase to the industry and investors. 

In each classroom session, participants are expected to analyze, discuss, and suggest a suitable course of action for the identified dimensions of the business case.Equally important will be the task of understanding concepts and ideas from the readings and articles given to participants. The participants will be required to build on their respective business cases and prepare for the final launch pad.

Each participant will be provided with a mentor. A continuous contact programme would keep the participants, faculty and mentors connected and excited throughout the duration of the programme.

CCB Programme is designed to provoke and challenge the participants so as to deliver a learning outcome that blends the science of management with an understanding of the intangible variables of the industry. 

Faculty Chair

Amit Karna

Anchal Jain

Programme Faculty