Managing Businesses in International Market

Start Date:Dec 14, 2020 End Date:Dec 18, 2020
Last Date for Application:November 30, 2020 Last Date for Early Bird:November 23, 2020
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Over the last decades, multiple firms have decided to venture out in international markets. While it started with developed market firms’ entry in emerging markets, many emerging market firms have now focused on exploring opportunities in International Markets. S&P 500 firms now earn 30% of their revenue from their international markets. Despite being an important parameter in a firm’s bottom line, it is not uncommon to notice that multiple organizations have failed in making in-roads to international markets. Most popular press articles have blamed culture for such failures. However, many global managers have realized that the entire process of internationalization must be managed accurately to become successful in global markets.

This program is intended to serve an audience who is willing to learn the science of international marketing. We cover a broad range of topics essential for success in international markets. The programme is diverse and experts from multiple areas and geographies join hands to give you a holistic perspective. We begin with selection of international markets (accessing opportunities and challenges in International Markets) and mode of entry decisions (Mergers and Acquisition vs. Alliances). This we call is the first step in the process of internationalization. Then, we focus on negotiations in international markets which is a critical second step. After this, we delve into how to attract and retain customers in international markets. In this module we focus on export marketing strategies as well as on firms which have established customer engagement in international markets. Finally, we learn how to manage talent, knowledge, and global value chains.

We as a group believe that managing international business is a scientific process and would like to train managers in acquiring this expertise to minimize failures in international markets.

To help participants develop a holistic approach to entries in international or foreign markets via different means. The programme is for those participants who want to lead expansion in international markets.

Module 1: International Market Selection and Market Entry Strategy 
•    International Market Selection (Assessing Opportunities and Challenges in International Markets). 
•    Mode Entry Strategies (Mergers and Acquisition vs. Alliances).
•    Global Value Chains

Module 2: International Human Resource Management 
•    Arbitration and Negotiations in International Markets.
•    Managing talent and knowledge

Module 3: Managing Customers in International Markets
•    Export Marketing Strategies. 
•    Customer Engagement Strategies.


This programme is intended to the managers of the domestic as well as the multinational firms where international business strategies play a significant role in influencing performance. Specifically, managers who wish to establish or lead operations internationally are most suitable for this course. The course is open for all levels of management as well as entrepreneurs with global ambitions.

Faculty Chair

Chitra Singla

Sourav Borah

Programme Faculty