Logistics Management (Online)

Start Date: Jan 8, 2021 End Date: Jan 18, 2021
Last Date for Application: December 24, 2020
Programme Fee: 56000 INR

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Logistics is a critical enabler of connecting supply and demand resulting in a dynamic and a growing economy. With an estimated GDP of Rs.113.2 trillion in 2013-14 and over a 13 per cent spend on logistics, the Indian logistics industry is worth over Rs.14 trillion.

Delivering logistics solutions is getting increasingly sophisticated both due to customer requirements and supply side innovations especially driven by information technology. Challenges such as cost versus value focus, asset versus non asset-based positioning, business scope and scale, and service level and quality management are critical to the competitive advantage of logistics service providers.

In this context, an executive education programme with a focus on understanding customer needs and delivering customised logistics solutions could add compelling value to the logistics service industry.

Live Webinar:

To know more about the curriculum and pedagogy of the programme, join Prof. Sundaravalli N. (Faculty Chair - Logistics Management) in the live webinar on Thursday, December 10, 2020, at 5 pm.

  • To provide a conceptual framework and functional inputs for effective and efficient logistics services
  • To enable sharing of best business practices
  • Role of logistics in the supply chain management•
  • Understanding the customer environment
  • Services management including quality management
  • Asset-based and non asset-based business approaches
  • Asset maintenance management
  • Benchmarking logistics performance
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Technology aids and information management
  • Implementation and integration
  • Policies for logistics infrastructure
  • Managingwarehouseandcontainerstorage depotoperations
  • Distribution strategy for retail and e-retail units
  • Logistics service network design
  • Optimising last mile delivery opera
  • Case-based approach
  • Management games and exercises
  • Syndicate discussions and presentations
  • Reflections, experience sharing and integration
  • Professionals in managing logistics processes of a company (OEMs, e-Commerce) or customers of the logistics service providers.
  • Large and Medium PSUs in transportation, logistics, freight, warehousing and supply chain operations.
  • Logistics service providers including third and fourth party logistics services, courier services, transporters (rail, road, marine, and air), freight forwarders, distributors, retailers, warehouse providers, and terminal operators (ports, air cargo, ICDs/CFSs). 
  • IT-based service providers both in the software and technology domains.
  • Logistics consultants. 

Faculty Chair

Sundaravalli Narayanaswami

Programme Faculty