Business Negligence, Liability and Legal Risk

Start Date: Feb 3, 2020 End Date: Feb 5, 2020
Last Date for Application: January 20, 2020 Last Date for Early Bird: January 13, 2020
Programme Fee: 120000 INR

Plus, GST

Early Bird Fee: 111600 INR

Plus, GST

In India and internationally, Courts have frequently stepped in and extracted substantial damages from companies
and their managers, arising from shortcomings in the products, not meeting of statutory requirements, or due to

This represents legal risk, and its impact extends far beyond the balance sheet of the company. Liability can devolve
to both the company and its managers, and it can be civil, criminal or both. For a company, this can affect products
and processes, require changes in management, and even adversely affect the reputation of the company. For
managers, the cost may have far reaching personal consequences arising from bearing of litigation costs, payment of
fines and damages, and even imprisonment.

While civil liabilities entail recovery of wrongful gains, fines and compensation. Criminal liability entails
imprisonment. Further, both would likely involve future restrictions on the ability to conduct business and holding
of positions in companies.

The course will cover examples from a wide variety of sectors, including FMCG, medical equipment, automobile,
finance, liability relating to environmental damage, defamation, privacy, negligence etc.

This programme aims to help managers to identify likely sources of risk and understand the steps that can be taken
to mitigate it in a timely manner. Overall, the legal risk that a company and a mang er face in day to day business
transactions will be the core of the programme.

• Identify legal risk arising from regular business activities.
• Implication of tort law in cases of negligence.
• Understanding how criminality is attributable to companies and directors.
• The power of Indian courts- Statutory and Inherent.
• Study examples of:
  a. Conditions for imposition of liability
  b. Quantum of fines and compensation
• Learn from real sectoral examples.

• Negligence and liability in business transactions - leading to legal risk
• Corporate criminal liability under Companies Act 2013
• Liability of directors under Companies Act 2013, SEBI regulations and under other civil and criminal laws
• No fault/strict/absolute liability for environmental damages
• Liability under auditing process
• Product liability under negligence
• Consumer Protection Act 2019 and liability of manufacturers and sellers
• Business reputation and defamation, including criminal defamation
• Commercial Disparagement
• Privacy

This programme is open to:
• Leadership across companies covering - CEOs, COOs, Managing Directors, Directors, General Managers, Senior Corporate Managers involved in day            to day affairs of the company
• Government officials
• Marketing, sales and legal department of companies that specifically deals with products and services
• Auditors and lawyers

The programme is structured in a way that allows cross learning across leadership and sectors. Both senior and middle level managers are expected.

The classes are based on case studies (derived from decided and ongoing court cases), exercises and lecture.

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