R&D Management

Start Date:Sep 23, 2019 End Date:Sep 27, 2019
Last Date for Application:September 9, 2019 Last Date for Early Bird:September 2, 2019
Programme Fee: 120000 INR

Plus, GST

Early Bird Fee:111600 INR

Plus, GST

R&D work has become a driving force of the global economy and the main source of innovation, at least on a scientific basis. R&D laboratories provide an organization with competitive advantage by the effective generation, deployment, transfer and integration of knowledge, particularly technological knowledge. R&D teams shoulder the mission of carrying out major innovations for their organizations and communities. The management of R&D professionals has become increasingly important in the face of growing competitive pressures, as organizations constantly seek to optimize their research potential. As organizations become more dependent on technology, along with the fact that generation and deployment of knowledge is one of the most crucial firm resources, the ability to attract and retain competent R&D professionals becomes increasingly important, as does the pursuit of the effective management of these high valued employees.

The present open enrolment program is aimed at discussing issues related to effective management of R&D activities by firms. The OEP aims to provide training and insights to R&D leaders and managers of R&D departments on topics such as leading R&D professionals, building effective R&D teams, designing performance management and compensation management practices for R&D organizations, managing R&D (uncertain and risky) projects, understanding strategy and issues related to commercialization of innovations, developing innovative business models and understanding of innovative knowledge management architectures.

  • To learn about leading R&D professionals;

  • To gain insights about building effective R&D teams;

  • To understand issues related to design of performance management and compensation management practices of R&D departments and organizations;

  • To learn about strategic management and issues related to commercialization of innovation (products, services) designed by R&D departments;

  • To learn about innovative organizational design and issues related to knowledge management architectures;

  • To understand issues related to management of R&D projects (i.e., managing projects that are inherently risky and uncertain);

  • To familiarize participants with basics of accounting and managing finances for risky and uncertain projects; and

  • To gain a holistic understanding of issues related to management of creative talent within organizations.

  • Leadership and Managing R&D Talent

  • Team building

  • Performance and Compensation Management

  • Managing Projects under Uncertainty

  • Understanding Strategy and Business Model Innovations

  • Understanding basics of accounting

Leaders or managers of R&D team/departments of private as well as public sector organizations. Any organization (small, medium, large size) that is engaging in serious R&D. E.g., Public sector organizations – DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, ICAR; Private sector organizations – Microsoft, Google, Flipkart, Groupon, Unilever, Expedia, Panasonic, FireEye, Ricoh, Royal DSM, Ruckus Wireless, Abbott, and Sigma-Aldrich, etc.

Desired level of target participants in management

Mixed (junior, middle and senior level managers, entrepreneurs) working on ideas that have significant R&D).

Minimum educational qualification

Graduation degree in Sciences or Engineering.

A mix of case sessions, exercises, lectures and presentations.

Faculty Chair

Vishal Gupta

Programme Faculty