3TP: Emerging Leaders' Programme

Start Date:Jul 21, 2019 End Date:Aug 17, 2019
Last Date for Application:July 8, 2019 Last Date for Early Bird:July 1, 2019
Programme Fee: 400000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:372000 INR

Plus 18% GST

The 3-Tier Programme, a set of three executive courses designed, developed, and offered by IIMA, is an operational form of the philosophy about leading and managing organizations as explained below:

  • Managerial effectiveness in an organization is enhanced if the managerial competence and skill development activity is perceived from the viewpoint of the total organization.
  • Organizational growth and development is facilitated if executives are exposed to learning opportunities and situations that simulate decision-making, diversity of perspectives and activities and responsibilities of the various teams.
  • Process of change is accelerated and sustained when interventions for building leadership capability and enhancing managerial skills are initiated simultaneously at different levels.
  • Potential for development and upgradation of human resources is considered a critical factor for an organization in the long run.
  • Leaders have to continuously engage in learning, unlearning and relearning activity which enables them to work in conditions of rapid change and uncertainty.

Operationally, 3-Tier Programme is a set of three executive courses designed to meet the developmental needs of leaders at middle, senior, and top executives of medium and large organizations as well as those in the public sector.

Tier-I: Emerging Leaders' Programme

Developing future leaders is a strategic priority for organizations desiring to be successful and to remain competitive. Such organizations identify and build the leadership pipeline from very early stages. The emerging leaders have to develop deeper understanding about one's own behaviour as a leader in different situations and also develop holistic problem-solving and decision making capabilities.

The Emerging Leaders' Programme has been designed as an intensive general management-focused learning experience for middle managers who are expected to take leadership roles in future. The programme will provide participants, insights into the processes of defining problems, specifying objectives, developing alternative courses of action, choosing the best alternative in an uncertain and changing environment, organizing and managing people and resources to implement the chosen alternative, coordinating their work, motivating and developing them, and finally measuring and controlling performance.

The objectives of the Emerging Leaders' Programme are to:

  • Allow participants to explore and develop insights about themselves as future leaders.
  • Enhance the problem-solving and decision-making abilities of participants and to prepare them to shoulder higher responsibilities in the future.
  • Provide the participants with an opportunity to learn management concepts and techniques relevant for formulating and implementing strategies in functional and general management areas.
  • Enable participants to appreciate interdependencies in an organization and acquire perspectives required in general management positions.
  • Help participants to emerge as leaders and become ready to shoulder the next level of responsibilities so as to fulfill the organization's needs.

The programme is divided into several interdependent modules each of which focuses on a different aspect or function of management. A separate module will focus on helping the emerging leader understand leadership style and effectiveness. The programme will end with an intensive integrated group exercise which would help participants consolidate their learning from various modules of the programme and view organizations from a holistic perspective.

Broadly the programme will focus on the following modules:

• Competencies required for emerging leaders
• The economic and policy environment
• Organizational and behavioural processes
• Decision analysis and problem formulation
• Analysing financial performance
• Corporate governance
• Assessing market opportunity and delivering customer value
• Formulating and executing strategy
• Law and business
• Managing information systems
• Managing operational efficiency
• Managing delivery systems
• Valuations, mergers and acquisitions
• Managing people

The Emerging Leaders' Programme is for managers currently holding positions of responsibility within different functional departments of medium to large organizations. The participants should have at least five years of managerial experience after graduation. We expect organizations to nominate managers who are expected to take up leadership positions in future.

The participant for the Emerging Leaders' Programme must have demonstrated outstanding performance ability, leadership qualities and potential for growth. As the programme makes exceptional intellectual and emotional demands, participants should have an inquiring mind and capacity to think clearly. They should also have a high degree of adaptability and maturity to work and interact closely with other participants and other stakeholders under highly demanding conditions.

A mix of pedagogical tools will be used – cases, lectures, self-reflection sessions, discussions, presentations, audio-visuals and experiential exercises. A typical day would include about five hours of classroom sessions and about six hours of pre-class group work and preparation for classroom discussions.

IIM Ahmedabad provides an excellent learning ecosystem which includes diversity among the programme participants, faculty and student community residing in the campus. Campus activities involve regular research seminars, discussion groups, speaker series wherein distinguished persons would participate and action research/experiential learning initiatives. The learning environment is supplemented by the library and information technology infrastructure facilities as well as opportunities for recreation.