Fintech: Business Models, Marketing, Strategy and Tactics

Start Date:Jul 1, 2019 End Date:Jul 4, 2019
Last Date for Application:June 17, 2019 Last Date for Early Bird:June 10, 2019
Programme Fee: 110000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:102300 INR

Plus 18% GST

This program will cover Fintech, or specifically the disruption in financial services and the financial ecosystem caused by technology. It will examine how the advances and changes in technology can be harnessed and adopted to create new business paradigms for the financial industry. We will look at the implications of these changes to the regulatory environment, consumer protection and industry stability. These issues will be looked at from the perspective of the key actors of the industry – the financial institutions (including startups), the consumers (with a focus on the retail consumer) and the regulators.

• To understand the impact of disruption in the financial industry caused by the fintech tsunami
• To build strategies to deal with the disruption including how to disrupt and how to react to disruption.
• To develop insights into the link between technology, regulation and consumer adoption in an increasingly digitalized world
• To provide tools that help to anticipate and participate in a consumer digital franchise of the future with a fintech focus

This program is aimed those who are already involved in or leading initiatives in fintech in banks, NBFCs, insurance firms, mutual funds and investment advisories and fintech firms. Fintech start ups may also find the framework useful to learn concepts to accelerate their growth and ecosystem integration/ consumer adoption. Ideally you are a fintech leader or CXO or function head with a role related to technology, or with the business roll out of fintech applications and / or with the marketing of fintech services and/ or with the development of strategies for fintech.

1. Disruption versus change
2. Fintech disruption 2020 : Map of the Regulatory, Technology and Adoption Landscape in US, Europe, Asia, China & Africa
3. Actors in Financial Services : traditional and new. The blurring of boundaries - traditional financial services firms, fintechs and techfins.
4. Disruption in CX : design, UX, language, smart devices & apps, location
5. Disruption in Infrastructure : The India stack and how to leverage it
6. Cybersecurity and Risks from emerging technologies - navigating the risks for business success
7. Disruptive Technologies : cloud, AI/ML, blockchain and data analytics The Regulatory Cycle : How fintech has disrupted the regulatory mindset. The opportunities created with the blurring of business boundaries : A Business model for digital financial services
8. Strategy & Tactics to compete and win in financial services
9. Consumer inclusion and protection Vs Systemic risk mitigation

Faculty Chair

Arvind Sahay

Rajan Raju

Sriraman Jagannathan

Programme Faculty