Urban Transportation

Start Date:Feb 4, 2019 End Date:Feb 6, 2019
Last Date for Application:January 21, 2019 Last Date for Early Bird:January 14, 2019
Programme Fee: 80000 INR

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Early Bird Fee:74400 INR

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Urban transportation plays a key role in urban development. It facilitates the smooth movement of goods and people within cities. As per the 2011 census, the urban population in India in 2011 was 360 million (m), constituting 30 per cent of the total population. It is projected to grow to 820 m (46 per cent) by 2051. The burgeoning urban population in rapidly expanding cities has resulted in growing urban travel demand. A variety of transport modes, both private (walking, cycling, two-wheelers, and cars) and public (para transit, buses, BRTS, light rail, monorail, suburban rail and metro) are used to meet these travel needs.

• To explore the policy and regulatory environment influencing urban transportation

• To enhance strategic decision-making skills through analysis and integrated perspectives.

• To understand core general management concepts as applicable to urban transportation.

• Policy, regulatory and technology environment.

• Environmental issues including energy, pollution, safety, land acquisition, etc.

• Strategic management including public private partnerships, concession agreements, technology choice and procurement, route design and inter modal coordination.

• Marketing management including revenue management, customer service and service quality.

• Operations management including resource scheduling, maintenance planning, etc.

• Financial management including sourcing of funds, investment analysis, accounting and fare fixation.

• Human resources management.

• Information and Communication Technology, and management.

• Policy makers and regulators in the urban transport sector, including at the central, state and local government levels.

• Senior management of urban transport organisations, including metro, mono rail, suburban rail (Indian Railways and its subsidiary organisations), BRT and bus transport systems.

• Senior management of technology and equipment suppliers to urban transport systems.

Faculty Chair

Sundaravalli Narayanaswami

Programme Faculty