Crafting Meaningful Stories through Data

Start Date:Nov 19, 2018 End Date:Nov 21, 2018
Last Date for Application:November 5, 2018 Last Date for Early Bird:October 29, 2018
Programme Fee: 80000 INR

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Early Bird Fee:74400 INR

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Have you ever been in a situation where something is crystal clear to you, but your colleagues don't seem to grasp the significance of your idea, product or analysis? Struggled with your pitch, despite having a strong product? Spent hours creating data-based recomnendations, only to realize that you have lost the attention of your key stakeholders during the presentation?

If any of these situations sound familiar, then 'Crafting Meaningful stories through Data' is the right programme for you. Business stories are not substitutes for data-based insights. But compelling business stories, with their ability to pursuade, can make a powerful impact on your audience. While numbers matter, just numbers by themselves may not always be enough to move people in the desired direction. Weaving in the right story allows leaders to connect the dots and communicate the big picture. It brings in coherence, contextualizes data, helps frame your arguments, and most importantly, hold the attention of your audience in an increasingly noisy world.

The objective of this workshop is to enable leaders to leverage data-driven storytelling tools for impactful conversations. It is meant for senior-level professionals who frequently engage with internal and/or external stakeholders in high stake business settings. Complex facts, figures and analysis form crucial underpinning in such meetings and presentations. On one hand, the quantum of data is exploding, tending to make our outputs data-heavy and dense; on the other hand, audience attention spans are dwindling, making it difficult to put across our points to them. Business stories, however, are a great tool to engage and hold people’s attention. This program will enable participants achieve better outcomes by crafting stories that help them deliver key messages.

  • Finding the ‘story’ within the data: Understand how to detect patterns within the data, identify insights using norm and variance, and ‘derive’ messages that will become the building blocks of the story.
  • Crafting the story narrative: Choose the right story based on contextual elements; recognize key components that form your story, such as structure (eg linear, non-linear), identify key elements that influence the "telling" part of the storytelling (people, tools and channels).
  • Illustrating the story: Learn techniques for highlighting and de-cluttering messages; communicate complex data in a meaningful manner through data visualization.
  • Breathing life into the story: Facts and logic aren’t enough to move an audience. Learn how to leverage the power of emotions and human stories to ensure that your messages resonate with the audience.

Senior or mid-senior level executives and entrepreneurs who need to communicate in several high-stakes situations in a year. These could include:

  • Consulting assignment meetings
  • B2B sales pitch meetings with clients
  • Quarterly/ annual review meetings with CEO/Board
  • Fund-raising pitches by entrepreneurs

Case studies, role plays, presentations and simulated exercises based on relatable datasets.