Strategy Implementation

Start Date:Jan 28, 2019 End Date:Feb 1, 2019
Last Date for Application:January 14, 2019 Last Date for Early Bird:January 7, 2019
Programme Fee: 120000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:111600 INR

Plus 18% GST

The role of strategist is not just to formulate strong strategies but also to convert it into results through effective implementation. The growing importance of strategy implementation can be judged by the fact that top managers attribute organization’s ability to deliver superior and sustainable performance to superior execution. Even entrepreneurs are increasingly being evaluated not just on ideas but for their ability to scale up pilot projects. This programme provides an opportunity to understand and examine the various insights, context, and tools that managers/policy makers/entrepreneurs can employ to implement key strategic initiatives. Participant will learn that strategy implementation architecture spans across top management, middle management, and operational staff. Through case discussion and role plays, participants would learn how organizational structure, people, leadership, processes, and monitoring systems are to aligned with strategy to guide effective implementation.

  • Delineate the strategy formulation process
  • Explore role of middle managers in strategy implementation
  • Discuss the frameworks, models and principles of project management
  • Evaluate alignment between organizational structure and implementation
  • Design systems for monitoring execution 
  • Provide a platform for sharing experiences in implementing growth strategies in different contexts

Strategy Formulation Process
•    Influence of key stakeholders on strategy formulation 
•    Strategic leadership
•    Relevance of organization capabilities for implementation 

Role of Middle Managers in Strategy Implementation 
•    Balance Score Card
•    Top-Down and Bottoms-up strategy formulation 
•    Communicating Strategy 

Designing a Project Management Architecture
•    Project Portfolio 
•    Planning and work breakdown
•    Activity optimization 

Building Committed Teams 
•    Right Team configuration
•    Inspirational (Affective) Leadership
•    Negotiation in problem solving

Organizing for Implementation
•    Change Management
•    Influencing Tactics 
•    Organization Structure 

Management Control Systems
•    Dashboards for Performance Management System
•    Resource Allocation
•    Finance versus operational control systems

Organisational Alignment
•    Role of vision & mission: purposeful organization 
•    Pervasive Commitment 
•    7S framework 

Implementation Illustration: Contextual Intelligence
•    Innovation: Technology Adoption
•    Internationalization: Overcoming Liability of Newness

The programme is meant for:

  • managers and policy makers- who are entrusted with the task of rolling out key strategic initiatives,
  • entrepreneurs- who want to convert ideas into results, and
  • consultants- who work with clients to implement recommendations.

The programme would use a mix of pedagogies like case method, panel discussion, role-play and simulation and presentations.