Strategic Human Resource Management

Start Date:Oct 8, 2018 End Date:Oct 13, 2018
Last Date for Application:September 24, 2018 Last Date for Early Bird:September 24, 2018
Programme Fee: 140000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:130200 INR

Plus 18% GST

In the current economy, organizations are facing rapid changes in the business environment. Technological innovations, wide fluctuations in economic conditions, political changes across the globe and changing social norms make it essential for organizations to look at their Human Resource Management practices differently. It is increasingly important for Human Resource Managers to find ways to create sustainable source of competitive advantage through engagement of talented people. Such sustainable advantage will enable the organizations to not only to respond effectively to the competition but also to the dynamism in the business environment. With this perspective, IIM Ahmedabad is happy to offer its third offering on Strategic Human Resource Management.

In the above context, this programme has the following objectives:

  • To help participants to appreciate the significance of human resource management as a strategic tool in organizations.
  • To develop capability to understand strategic HR issues in organizations and thus enable the participants to make appropriate choices in dynamic business environment.
  • To enable participants to create sustainable sources of competitive advantage in organizations through application of concepts of strategic human resource management.

The programme will have the following themes:

  • Designing Human Resource Systems for Sustained Competitive Advantage
  • Managing in High Growth Industries: Strategic HR Issues
  • Managing in Mature Industries: Strategic HR Issues
  • Managing in Declining Industries: Strategic HR Issues
  • Managing Professionals: Strategic Challenges
  • Managing Sales Team for Competitive Advantage
  • Managing Workers and IR: Strategic Issues
  • Strategic HR Diagnosis
  • Corporate Strategy and HRM
  • Managing International Business: Strategic HR Issues
  • HRM in M&A: Strategic Issues

The following persons will find the programme useful:

  • CEOs, heads of HR and Strategic Management
  • Those who are involved in strategic planning and implementation
  • Those who are responsible for designing and implementing organizational structure and human resource management systems

Faculty Chair

Sunil Maheshwari

Programme Faculty