Knowledge Management

Start Date:Sep 12, 2016 End Date:Sep 17, 2016
Last Date for Application:August 29, 2016 Last Date for Early Bird:August 22, 2016
Programme Fee: 140000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:130200 INR

Plus 18% GST

The imperative for being internationally competitive on the basis of intellectual capital has made knowledge management a strategic function. The top and senior managers of a corporation need to appreciate fully its scope and critical success requirements.

• Develop an integrated and comprehensive perspective of knowledge management as a strategic function

• Identify the strategic contexts of knowledge management and the role of organisational structure and processes

• Discuss the frameworks, techniques, and the nature of IT support for managing knowledge

• Delineate the role of innovations in knowledge creation

• Raise and resolve issues in knowledge protection for sustaining competitive advantage

• Provide a platform for sharing experiences in knowledge management

• Corporate and competitive strategic context of knowledge management

• Types of knowledge and implications for knowledge management

• Design of knowledge management centric organisational structure, culture, and processes

• Role of information and communication technologies

• Corporate innovations and knowledge creation

• Knowledge protection and issues in Intellectual Property Rights

• Measuring the effectiveness of knowledge management

• Knowledge management: Indian experiences

This programme will use a combination of case studies, discussions, exercises, lectures and presentations. As a part of the programme, the participants would be required to work in small teams to think through issues in knowledge management in their organisations and make a comprehensive presentation. They would also get involved in a uniquely designed K-Park exercise that integrates the learning in the programme.

• Top and senior executives in charge of independent business units.

• Heads of knowledge management initiatives in large and medium corporations.

It would be beneficial if the organisation sponsor an inter-functional team of senior and top managers.

Faculty Chair

Sanjay Verma

Programme Faculty