Doing Business Abroad

Start Date:Mar 21, 2018 End Date:Mar 23, 2018
Last Date for Application:February 21, 2018 Last Date for Early Bird:January 15, 2018
Programme Fee: 90000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:83700 INR

Plus 18% GST

The fiercely competitive business environment makes incessant demands for connecting with new sources of value. Competing and collaborating can both involve arenas of action beyond national borders. By studying how businesses succeed and why they fail when they venture abroad, participants in this programme will be able to connect practices with concepts at the cutting edge of knowing what works. Liabilities of foreignness and liabilities of being an outsider both need to be overcome in doing business abroad.

The programme will draw on the cutting edge of insights from business practices, international business strategy research, case studies of experiences of exporters, investors, collaborators in joint ventures and business partners pursuing opportunities in cross-border value chains, value-grids and constellations. There will also be identification and discussion of implications for organisation structures, institutionalised systems and management processes that arise from responses to governance frames, competitiveness and international economic relations.

This programme would be useful for CEOs, Directors, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, General Managers, and Profit Centre Heads with responsibilities for decisions concerning international business; government officials concerned with trade or trade-substituting investment policies for foreign direct investments, and policymakers concerned with internationally leveraging intellectual property rights and organisational knowledge using enabling provisions in multilateral fora such as WTO, TRIPS, GATS, besides plurilateral arrangements and bilateral agreements.

This programme is designed to provide an opportunity to expand understanding of choices for strategies and organisation of international business, particularly various forms of foreign commercial presence, movement of natural persons and product-services linkages.  It recognises that developing capabilities for doing business abroad requires particular attention to managing institutional and cultural diversity, and understanding and preparing for various kinds of risks including country risk and political risk.

We will learn from case studies, exercises and insights introduced into the programme sessions by faculty members including leading practitioners doing business abroad. These are academicians who have insights to share from their research and publications and professionals concerned with international business policies. Participants will have opportunities to draw on their own experiences, reflect on them, bring their challenges to the programme to work on them.

Faculty Chair

Ajeet N. Mathur

Programme Faculty

Ajeet N. Mathur