Transformational Leadership

Start Date:Jan 22, 2018 End Date:Jan 24, 2018
Last Date for Application:January 8, 2018 Last Date for Early Bird:January 2, 2018
Programme Fee: 80000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:74400 INR

Plus 18% GST

Leadership plays a critical and vital role in deciding and realising the potential of an organisation. Often, it is leadership which decides the direction, impact and relevance of an organisation. Be it, social, not-for profit or a commercial establishment. There are documented insights related to (a) what are the key attributes and characteristics of an effective leadership, (b) can leadership be cultivated or is it an in-born trait of an individual, (c) is there a correlation between leadership style and performance (both operational and financial) of an organisation?

It is well known that leadership styles vary and contribute to the effectiveness of the organisation based on the context in which the organisation is operational.

This executive education programme is focused on transformational leadership. By transformational leadership, we mean leaders who have made significant contribution to the organisation (which they preside over) in terms of measurable performance and internal culture. Transformational leaders also ensure sustainability on the organisational performance and robustness of the internal culture. Human history in general and business history in particular has recorded abundant examples of transformational leaders and their contributions to the organisation and hence to the community at large.

• The DNA of leadership
• Leadership styles
• Compulsions of leadership
• Leadership and organisational excellence
• Leadership and art of execution
• Behavioural aspects of leadership
• Transformational leadership

Predominantly case based and participant-centric.

• Members of the senior management team
• Business heads
• Government officials with atleast 10 years of experience
• Entrepreneurs
• Heads of not-for profit organisations
• Leaders from charity institutions