Risk: Modeling and Management

Start Date:Feb 19, 2018 End Date:Feb 23, 2018
Last Date for Application:February 5, 2018 Last Date for Early Bird:January 29, 2018
Programme Fee: 120000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:111600 INR

Plus 18% GST

Business organisations are impacted by risks of all kinds – market risk, manufacturing risk, new product or service introduction risk, project risks, risks arising from competitor activities, key personnel attrition risk, recruitment risk, legal risk, business disruption risk, IT-failure risk, country risk, default risk, etc. Many of these risks can have a severe negative impact on the business and may even threaten its existence. Risk assessment is therefore, particularly important and involves sophisticated modeling. Moreover, risk management and mitigation strategies critically depend on accurate risk assessment.

While the downside of risk often gets greater management attention due to its potential for generating outcomes with severe negative consequences for the employees and the management of a firm, the upside of risk is often ignored. The upside of risk can offer organisations unprecedented opportunities which, if capitalized on, can lead to great business success.

Senior managers working in modern business organisations therefore, need to have a clear understanding of the various dimensions of risk, methods of risk modeling and risk assessment, and techniques of risk management. They also need to be aware of the great opportunities thrown up by the upside of risk and the necessity to have a plan ready to capitalize on the same.

The objective of this programme is to provide senior managers of manufacturing and service organisations an in-depth understanding of the concepts and techniques of risk modeling, risk assessment, risk management and opportunity engineering.

• Understanding Risk

• Risk and Human Behaviour

• Scenario Analysis

• Monte Carlo Simulation for Risk Assessment

• Portfolio Management

• Enterprise Risk Management

• Options and Risk Hedging

• Credit Risk Modeling and Credit Scoring

• Risk-Adjusted Valuation

• Real Options

• Legal Aspects of Risk Management

• Risk Management Standard (ISO31000)

• Supply Chain Risk

• Value-at-Risk

It is desired that the participants of this programme have good quantitative and spreadsheet modeling skills. This would help them to assimilate the course content fully.

This programme is intended for senior managers who require comprehensive understanding of the concepts and techniques of risk modeling, risk assessment, risk management and opportunity engineering.