Digital Transformation: Business Models, Marketing and Innovation

Start Date:Mar 4, 2018 End Date:Mar 8, 2018
Last Date for Application:February 19, 2018 Last Date for Early Bird:February 12, 2018
Programme Fee: 120000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:111600 INR

Plus 18% GST

In the era of digital technology, rarely any business does not have a presence on web. With time, Marketing Managers have to become more technology savvy in order to compete in online and offline market. Today, a marketing executive will not be effective if she does not make use of latest IT gadgets, tools and technologies. Technology is used to enhance the traditional process of marketing that includes identification and selection of target market, to price it appropriately, to reach the customers and to communicate with them using the newer channels. This requires knowledge of the technology and of analyzing the data that is collected with the use of technology.

Technology is also altering the industry structures. It enables organization to launch new products and services, new players to challenge incumbents and demolishing existing structures and processes.

This programme aims to educate the marketing managers about the transformation that is taking place due to the influence of information technology.

  • To understand how IT redefines industry structures and challenges the incumbents, and to understand why incumbents fail to benefit from new technologies,
  • To understand various business models and the process to analyze them,
  • To understand the impact of IT in all marketing activities: from targeting and segmenting of markets to establishing effective communication channels,
  • To understand the potential of data analysis to achieve organizational objectives,
  • To carve out frameworks for developing strategies for Omni-channel
  • Crafting and Evaluating Business Models
  • Formulating Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Managing Marketing Mix for Online Businesses
  • Measuring Impact of Digital Platform
  • Transformation of field sales using digital/Mobile Platform
  • Disruptive Innovation and Marketing
  • Managing business on IT Platform
  • e-Business, CRM and Database Marketing
  • Issues in Managing e-Supply Chains

A mix of pedagogical tools - cases, lectures, discussions, presentations, audio-visuals, and experiential exercises will be used.

Marketing Managers, Business Innovation Managers, Digital Communication Managers, communication agencies, and consultants.

Faculty Chair

Sanjay Verma

Programme Faculty

Arvind Sahay

Piyush Kumar Sinha