Strategic IT Management for CIOs

Start Date:Sep 18, 2017 End Date:Sep 23, 2017
Last Date for Application:September 5, 2017 Last Date for Early Bird:August 28, 2017
Programme Fee: 140000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:130200 INR

Plus 18% GST

One of the main objectives of the programme on Strategic IT Management is to make the participants of the programme understand the issues related to strategic planning and usage of IT in an organisation.The programme also emphasises the strategic benefits and the competitive advantage that organisations across the globe have successfully achieved by managing a proper IT portfolio. Strategic management of IT should not only mean strategic utilisation of IT but should also emphasise strategic IT planning and decision-making. Thus, the programme will focus on internal and external shortterm and long-term requirements for the strategic IT management of organisations.

The programme will focus on various frameworks of strategic planning of IT roadmaps for organisations and will discuss issues related to management of IT projects and proper execution of the same. The programme will also emphasise various facets of IT project justification starting from various financial models to benefits management. A few topics which the programme will focus on are as follows:

• Benefiting from disruptive innovations and transformational business

• Aligning IT with business strategy

• Identifying information requirements of managers

• Managing outsourcing

• Managing employees and performance: The people framework

• Concept of strategy: Corporate and competitive

• Tracking organisational performance – BSC and strategy formulation and implementation

• Dashboards for information tracking and analysis

• Valuation of IT projects

• Developing an IT applications portfolio

• Business intelligence

• Governance and structuring of IT organisations

• Managerial evaluation of projects

• Understanding why IT initiatives fail: Planning to succeed

• Achieving strategic benefits from IT

The lead learning tool will be case studies which will be supplemented by lectures, group presentations, group exercises and games along with self learning. To integrate the learning, the programme will end with an integrated case or a practical problem-based group presentation.

The programme is intended for Chief Information  Officers and top managers of organisations to make them appreciate various aspects of the strategic management of IT and ensure better alignment of IT and business strategy.