Corporate Theatre: Developing Creative Competencies through Storytelling and Film-Making

Start Date:Apr 24, 2017 End Date:Apr 26, 2017
Last Date for Application:April 10, 2017 Last Date for Early Bird:April 3, 2017
Programme Fee: 150000 INR

Plus 18% GST

Early Bird Fee:139500 INR

Plus 18% GST

Corporate Theatre is a experiential training workshop, which allows participants to explore and develop their behavioural skills, creative competencies, and analytical skills using tools such as storytelling, creative visualisation and film-making.

The workshop will help participants:

1. Understand the importance of storytelling in management and leadership

2. Understand the power of storytelling in building organisational processes and achieving organisational goals. For instance, exploring the role of storytelling in:
a. Building an organisational culture
b. Persuasion and influence
c. Conflict management
d. Exercising emotional intelligence
e. Communicating leadership vision

3. Understand the power of storytelling in achieving organisational goals. For instance, exploring the role of storytelling in:
a. Working with resource constraints
b. Making brands come to life
c. Effective sales
d. Managing client relationships

4. Learn the techniques associated with creative visualisation and film-making as a useful means to understand and present issues related to management and leadership

The workshop will also help participants:

1. Gain a differentiated learning experience through ‘artful reflection’
2. Acquire an enhanced understanding of one’s creative potential, strengths and weaknesses
3. Appreciate the opportunities for creative communication in routine work
4. Appreciate the challenges of working with diverse teams on multiple projects

The workshop is largely experiential. In addition to indepth discussions based on case studies, management games, theatrical exercises and role plays will be used to engage participants in the learning process. In particular, live cases based on real situations will be analysed to understand how individual stories create organisational narratives, processes and outcomes. Various methods of storytelling and creative visualisation (especially scriptcreation
and film-making techniques) will be discussed. 

The workshop will also include both individual and group work. Small teams of participants will work on creating short videos on different topics relevant to management and leadership. Participants will thereby also be exposed to the nuances of making organisational data come alive in the form of interesting stories which can create a deeper emotional connect with target audiences.

The workshop will include guest sessions by leaders from corporate/non-government sector and/or Directors, Producers or Artists from film-industry.

The Workshop is intended for top, senior and middle level managers and executives in Corporates, PSUs, NGOs and Entrepreneurs who wish to develop and use creative competencies for management and leadership in their workplace.


There are no prerequisites for the workshop. Participants are however encouraged to come with mindfulness, a willingness to explore oneself both individually and in a group setting, and abundant enthusiasm and energy to share and learn