Sexual Harassment at the Workplace: Legal and Practical Aspects

Start Date: Apr 24, 2023 End Date: Apr 27, 2023
Last Date for Application: April 10, 2023 Last Date for Early Bird: April 3, 2023
Programme Fee: 105000 INR

Plus, GST

Early Bird Fee: 97650 INR

Plus, GST

This programme aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Sexual Harassment legislation as well as research around sexual harassment from the perspectives of the different actors involved so that they can use this knowledge to make their workplaces more inclusive, fair, and POSH-compliant.

The programme will begin with an unpacking of the word “gender”, and what “gender-based discrimination” means at the workplace. It will then highlight the need for workplace gender diversity while understanding the challenges to gender diversity. It will then introduce participants to various legal facets of the sexual harassment laws. The programme will give a detailed explanation of what constitutes sexual harassment and the impact of sexual harassment on the workplace. Programme participants will learn about the roles and powers of the internal complaints committee. It will end with research insights into the impediments to sexual harassment complaint and highlight practical solutions needed for sensitization.

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  • The programme will focus on building a robust understanding around gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment at the workplace. Participants will gain a deep insight into the concepts and their implications for the bottom line.
  • The programme will give participants an in-depth knowledge of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act of 2013 and its implementation for workplaces.
  • The programme will equip participants with tools to enhance their workplaces gender equity.

Unpacking “gender”, “gender-based discrimination” and “gender equality” in relation to the workplace: The course will begin with understanding the gender continuum and why gender matters at the workplace. Gender based discrimination has been linked with the gender pay gap and the leadership gap. The course will highlight the need for gender equality in the workplace and its impact on performance as well as profitability.

Defining sexual harassment and understanding its impact: We will look at the different types of sexual harassment included in the legislation. Case studies will be discussed to understand the different components and types of sexual harassment. Short and long-term effects and needs of the person who has suffered sexual harassment. The perspective of the complainant, the person who is being sexually harassed- her/his/their needs, capacity, vulnerability, and how they can be supported to cope with the emotional and psychological impact.

Understanding POSH Act: The programme will provide a deep dive into the POSH act and its application to workplaces. Participants will understand the internal committee’s role and functions. They will build a deep understanding of the process of the complaint, inquiry and decision. The programme will give an insight into the reasons for maintaining confidentiality around the complaints process. Participants will gain knowledge about the role and importance of power dynamics and the importance of building the justice muscle.

The challenges to making a sexual harassment complaint and practical support on how to enhance gender equity at the workplace: The research on the reporting of sexual harassment complaints will be discussed to understand the social, and cultural obstacles faced by persons who suffer sexual harassment and what institutions can do to prevent sexual harassment and provide a gender-sensitive space. We will discuss practical approaches which lead to greater gender equity and ensure compliance with the law at workplaces.

The programme will use a mixture of lectures and presentations combined with case discussions and interactions with participants. There will be role-playing exercises and group discussion exercises and presentations. There will be sessions to share experiences and answer queries and burning questions that participants may have on the law relating to sexual harassment.

This programme is targeted towards members of organizations which are passionate about creating and being part of a gender-inclusive, gender-sensitive, and gender-equal workplace.  The programme encourages applications from individuals who wants to understand the POSH legislation in greater depth in theory and practice. Such a person could have a role in management, human resources or is entrusted with ensuring compliance with POSH. We especially encourage those who are or want to be a member of the Internal Committee.

Faculty Chair

Pritha Dev

Programme Faculty