Meet the Faculty

Samir K. Barua

Prof. Samir Barua served as Director, IIMA (Nov 2007 – Mar 2013).


After Master of Technology (IIT, Kanpur, India) in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, he worked for two years in the industry before completing his doctorate in Management (IIM, Ahmedabad, India). He joined the faculty at IIM, Ahmedabad, India, in 1980. His academic and professional pursuits cut across several disciplines; specific areas of interest include capital markets, portfolio theory, international finance, operations research & decision sciences, applied statistics, operations management, management information & control systems, corporate governance, corporate strategy and leadership. He has taught courses in these areas at IIM, Ahmedabad, India and as visiting professor to academic institutions in several other countries - USA, The Netherlands and Singapore. He has also taught extensively in national and international executive training programmes. He has authored about two hundred papers/articles that have been published/ presented in national and international academic and business journals/ publications and conferences. He has co-authored two books:  Portfolio Management; and The Great Indian Scam: story of the missing Rs. 4000 crore. The second book became a best-seller. He has authored more than seventy case studies in management, and has also authored several management games for training in managerial decision making.


He has been a consultant to many public and private organisations, in the manufacturing, banking and financial services sectors. He has been intimately associated with the Indian financial sector and the Indian Energy Sector for over two and a half decades. He has prepared policy papers for the Finance Minister; Ministry of Finance, Government of India; Reserve Bank of India (RBI); Securities Exchange Board of Indian (SEBI) in the areas of banking and capital markets. He has served as member of several policy making committees set up by the government including those on Reforms of Indian Capital Markets; Reforms of the Media Sector; Pricing of Petroleum Products. He was member of the Committee set up by Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) for preparing a Report on Reforms of Stock Exchanges. He has served on selection committees for top administrative and professional positions including Chairman (TRAI), Deputy Governors of RBI and Directors and CEOs of large organizations.


He was member of the Technical Committee on Government Securities set up by RBI (1998-2000); Risk Management Group for Equities constituted by Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), 2001-03; Steering Committee and the Curriculum Committee on Certification for trading in Financial Markets of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), 1999-2002; Governing Board of Bombay Stock Exchange (1999-2003); Derivatives Market Council of the Bombay Stock Exchange (1999-2003); Index Committee of the Bombay Stock Exchange (1999-2003); Governing Board of Foundation for Research on Portfolio Management set up by ICFAI; Technical Advisory Committee on Monetary Policy of RBI (2009-2011). He was member of the Expert Committee on Pricing of Petroleum Products (2013) set up by the government.


He was member of the Board of National Mineral Development Corporation (1999-2002); Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL), a Fortune-500 company (1999-2008); SBI Mutual Fund Trustee Company (2000-2006); Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL) – a fortune 500 company (2008-2012); STCI Finance Ltd. (1997-2012); Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (2006-2010); Coal India Ltd. (2006-2013); ICRAF, Nairobi (2007); ILRI, Nairobi (2007-2013); IIMA (2007-2013); Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) – a fortune 500 company, 2011-2014; Prasar Bharti (2011-2015). He has served on the governing boards of several academic institutions. Currently, he is member of Board of Axis Bank Ltd.; Torrent Power Ltd.; Axis Capital Ltd.; IOTL; Tata Projects; Torrent Energy Ltd.