Module - I: Camp - I 
IIIMA (On-Campus)

The participants would develop a strategic perspective towards luxury and lifestyle businesses. Towards the end of this module, project plans would be decided by the participants.

  • Understanding Luxury Businesses
  • The Luxury Consumer
  • Developing Products and Services
  • Indian to International
  • Managing the Creative Process
  • Building Luxury Brands
  • Retailing Challenges
  • Managing Customer Experiences
  • Creating the Eco-System

Module – II: (Off-Campus)

In this module, the participants would be mentored by the programme faculty from IIMA as well as some experts. The interaction would be through a video/telephonic conference and e-mails coordinated by participants and mentors. The participants would send progress reports on their product concepts by a designated date. The faculty and experts would review and call for a discussion through an online interactive dialogue. It is also planned to conduct a webinar with a selected leading expert or a panel from across the world. The participants would be involved in

  • Development of Product Concept (Lab Work)
  • Webinar with Experts
  • Mid–Module Review (VC/Online)

Module – III: Camp - II
IICD, Jaipur (On-Campus)

In this module, participants would fine-tune and update the product concept with the feedback and guidance of expert panel and resources at IICD, Jaipur. The participants would present their concepts to the expert panel, which would review them and offer suggestions. The expert panel would be available for any guidance during the product concept development process. The participants would be addressed by the experts of the field to share their knowledge on supply chain and product development processes being followed in crafts sector.  They would understand the usefulness of crafts and design techniques and other essentials, which are critical to value addition in luxury and lifestyle businesses. The group will also be exposed to all the resources at Partner Schools like studios, resource centre, embroidery bank and Crafts Design Centre, which they can use to enrich their learning and the product concept. The participants would be actively engaged in

  • Creative Processes in Product Development
  • Managing artisan Based Supply Chain
  • Panel Discussion/Seminar

Module – IV: (Off-Campus)

Through video/telephonic conferences and webinars with a global expert panel, this module would be instrumental in finalising the product prototypes of the participants. The participants would also develop business plans for taking their products to global markets.

  • Prototype development
  • Go-to-Market Plan Development
  • Webinar with Experts
  • Mid–Module Review (VC/Online)

Module – V: Camp - III
IIMA (On-Campus)

  • Go-to-Market Plan Presentations
  • Review and Valedictory

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